Friday, March 01, 2013

Le sigh

My heavy week of travel did not go well. Workout clothes were packed and never left the suitcase. Tracking never happened after Monday morning. There were a ton of meals out.

This whole not knowing what my next role is seriously bugging me as I spent two days with my replacement. I was at an HR training and now some other Advisors so they were asking when I was coming back to Calgary and shared my confusion about not knowing where I'd go. Plus this week I had to terminate someone and then go into 2 days of training that requires participation. I'm shy and don't like to sound stupid so the training situation stressed me out a little.

So my food decisions were off, and my coffee intake was up. I stepped on the scale when I got home and the number shocked me. It showed me I need structure and accountability.

I went for 4 miles around the neighbourhood to shake off the negativity and focus on positivity and planning next week.

I did start re-reading Shrink Yourself and going through it slower this time around.

I do really like this book as it delves more into why you do the things you do, like go completely off plan do to feeling stressed.

Today I watched Biggest Loser and a few contestants resonated with me. Strangely enough it was Gina, I don't have total melt downs like she does and she strikes me as high maintenance but when she was in that coffin saying I don't want to die and I have a second chance that hit home.

I still have a second chance, or third or forth or fifth or so on. It makes me think how the majority of my WW meeting has people who rejoined for a 2nd or 3rd time.

That's the essence of the human spirit - perseverance.

I ordered the Aria scale and it arrived today.

It syncs with FitBit and the app. It also measures body fat which I haven't tracked in quite some time.

Funnily enough this week I start a new tracker and I think I'll ask for a new weigh in book tomorrow. A clean start.

The Progress not Perfection challenge restarted, that's the tracking challenge run by the fabulous @IrishEyes1982 and you can see it on twitter under #PNPtrackstar. You don't need to be on WW to join either.

So I'm dusting myself off and going back to basics. I control what I do and I want to be healthy.


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Heidi K. Rettig said...

I came to your blog for the Nike Fuel vs Fitbit review (thanks for that!) and happened to read this post. I travel for work and find it helpful just to set the bar low. I do a half hour of body weight circuits in my room before the day begins (squats, lunges, pushups, crunches, leg lifts, etc). That way, it's done - I don't have to leave my room and I don't feel guilty all day. Jillian Michaels also has some body weight workouts that I have on my iPhone that can be done in your room. Even if you only do them once or twice during a work trip - it's an improvement!