Saturday, March 30, 2013

Back on track

Hope everyone had a great Saturday.

Mine started with weigh in where I stayed exactly the same and I'm going to take that as a blessing as I'm fairly certain I'm PMSing right now that I also like to refer to as snackapalooza.

I decided not to go to Zumba today and instead try to squeak in my long run for the week. That was rather ambitious as I do walk to weigh in and back and add in wandering around Walmart that already counts for some distance.

I managed to do 6 miles this afternoon I was supposed to do 7 miles. According to my FitBit I did 10 miles all together and

I walked 20,000 steps today and got a badge with Fitbit! #Fitstats so I'll count that as a win.

The back on track part was I had a goal to do 3 half marathons in 2013. I opted not to do the one I had signed up for in February as the winter weather i.e. ice and too much treadmill time sort of messed up my training. I learned to stick to short distances in the winter and go for longer distances in the spring/summer and fall.

Today I signed up for the Stampede Half Marathon other wise known as the Stampede Road Race, of course my city is pretty famous for it's Calgary Stampede. The race takes place on July 7th, so still about 8 weeks before the Disneyland Half and about 8 weeks after the Calgary Scotiabank Half. The other interesting thing about this race is it's capped at 1850 participants. I'm sort of used to thousands at all the other runs I've done.

This makes me super motivated to train better as depending how this goes I may just try for a full marathon again next year. Perhaps even the Dopey Disney Run which is a 5K, 10K, Half and Full in 4 days and gets you 6 medals, that would be more of a long term goal for January 2015.

I still need to get through the Dumbo in September. I did the 5K and Half on the same day at Disney Wine and Dine so one never knows.

Tomorrow is rest day but will involve housecleaning.

On Monday I think I'll head the gym for the weight class and yoga, then on Tuesday go to Zumba before the Bon Jovi concert and get a short training run in on Monday.

I start going to Edmonton on Mondays as of April 15th with super late flights back to site so Monday will no longer be run day. I need rejig my training plan.

I feeling pumped.

Happy Easter.


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