Saturday, March 02, 2013

I went to WI today only to discover ridiculous leader was back apparently she was off for a month.

At the start of the meeting she said "You might have heard the franchise has been sold"

I immediately picked up my phone and looked for Weightwatchers Alberta under news. There I found the Q4 results for Weightwatchers Int'l and it looks like they bought the franchisee for Alberta and Saskatchewan in January.

This makes me incredibly happy as I have always thought this franchisee was stuck in the dark ages. For example you can't get the monthly pass in SK or AB, nor the pedometer and goodness knows what else they haven't provided. Not to mention there's not a single Sunday meeting in a city that has over 1 million people.

This also means if Activelink is launched in Canada we in Alberta and Saskatchewan can actually buy it as I would have bet on the franchisee not carrying it. They never seem to embrace anything technical i.e. the pedometer.

The weigh in itself is what I expected a gain of 2.4 since my last WI two weeks ago. My fault and I'll fix it.

I got a new weigh in book and made a vow to myself to treat WW with priority no different then going to work.

Ridiculous leader was better today and the meeting room was packed. At one point she said "We aren't athletes so can't eat like them" I just shook my head at this. Of course we're athletes. We are athletes of life and no we can't eat what an elite athlete is but we can certainly look at food as fuel instead of a method to deposit our emotions - that's my M.O.

After WW I went to the gym and did a 15 warm up on the bike then 45 min of Zumba, and add in the 40 min walk there and back it was a good AP day.

We've got winter storm warnings for tomorrow so we'll see what happens and if I can make it to Tai Chi, I'm already planning plan B of workout dvds just in case.

Now I'm even more geeked to go to meetings to see when/if we see any changes with now belonging to the mother ship.

I think we're the horizon of something great.

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