Friday, March 22, 2013

Sometimes you need convenience - Smart Ones


Earlier this week I was contacted to see if I'd be interested in writing a little bit about Weight Watchers Smart Ones. I quite like Smart Ones so I said sure and in full disclosure they did offer to pay me for this.

If you're not familiar with Smart Ones, here is a link to their Facebook page Eat Your Best Canada

As I travel a lot having something convenient, fast and tasty to prepare makes my life a wee easier especially as the points are right on the box so no calculator needed.  For example when I fly out on Mondays I need to pack my lunch so I quite often take this one:

I love Fettucini Alfredo and pre Weight Watchers it was probably one of my favourite choices at a restaurant (at up to 30 Points Plus per serving) so I was pretty happy to find a version that was far lower in points. This is also an option for me when I fly home and need to put together a quick dinner. If I make it at home I'll add some steamed broccoli as there's a good amount of sauce. This one is by far my favourite Smart Ones.

Today I decided to try something I've never tried before....Smart Ones morning

On my way to weigh in I swing by Tim Horton's and pretty much order this for the exact same amount of points. So having it handy in my freeze was appealing and two come in the box.

It looked like this out of the box. Cooking instructions were easy as all I had to do was take it out of the plastic, wrap it in a paper towel and microwave for 1:15 minutes then let it sit for 30 seconds flip it over and microwave for 25 seconds and tada:

I added the tomatoes for a little colour.

Taste wise it was pretty good, certainly different then a freshly toasted English muffin but it did come out of the freezer. I would keep this on hand even for a quick dinner as sometimes I have a breakfast food for dinner.

I'm certainly impressed with all the different options available in Smart Ones so check them out on Facebook just click the link  Eat Your Best Canada. 

Do you use Weight Watchers Smart Ones and if you do which one is your favourite?



Enz said...

I love the Santa Fe Rice and Beans. I wish they had less sodium though.

marie said...

YAY! They had contacted me but I can't eat any of their meals. I thought you'd be the best fit and am glad they contacted you!