Sunday, March 24, 2013

No run mojo

I was supposed to do 6 miles today.

Let's go back to yesterday where I tracked all that ate after I ate it and my treat day turned into a disaster pretty much using the bulk of my weekly points. I was guesstimating and I guessed pretty wrong. I do have a challenge with weekends. 

Now move on today where I probably wasn't fueled so well for 6 miles. I lasted 4.62 miles. My Gym boss died after the 2nd run interval and I really didn't want to look at my watch constantly so I winged it. Well winging caused my chins to be angry so I switched to walking.

I'm happy I went out as it took a whole lot of mental effort, I went out a few hours after breakfast as I was waiting for the weather to warm up a little, now that was probably a mistake as well as at mile 4 my stomach was grumbling like crazy.

So when I got back I planned out my day in advance and I did the same thing for tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll plan out Tuesday.

There has been a lack of plans lately and that needs to change. Particularly my planning on the weekends, as have 3 days a week that are fairly unstructured I need to add structure. My work week is almost easier as I have a pretty set routine.

As of April 1, I'll need to go to Edmonton once a week, then fly back to site then fly home. This is just for the next few months and planning will be super important.

I know I can do this, I will do this.


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Enz said...

You will!!! I believe in you. Hugs.