Saturday, February 23, 2013

Time flies

When I was last here I was telling you my attempt at being prepared like packing my gym bag in advance.

Well on Monday I managed to leave without it as I had to make a run for the bus. I did walk home everyday this week from the c-train station so that's a little over a mile and 82 stairs.

The week itself was busy but we got tons done in the 3 days of meetings. I wound up going into the office on Friday even though it was my day off as I had so much to catch up on.

My attention was to only stay until lunch as I was having lunch with some friends but no I didn't leave till 3 pm. By the time I got home I was knackered. I even went to bed early.

This morning my alarm went off for catching the bus to work time which is sooner then I would get up for weigh in so I leaned over and tapped the alarm thinking I should reset it and then I fell back asleep immediately.

I slept through weigh in...dumb, dumb, dumb. I should have set the alarm the night before.

I'm obviously needed the rest.

Today I headed out for 6 miles around the neighbourhood, I walked it today as I had no running mojo but had a pretty good pace going and still covered the mileage required for my training plan.

Next week is an amazing race week for me. I need to fly to Edmonton Monday morning, then back to site Monday night, then bus it to Fort MacMurray Tuesday night and fly back home Thursday night.

I'm in the last week of my 3 month tracker and it's probably the first one I've finished in an incredibly long time.

Tomorrow Tai Chi picks up again.

Hope you all had a great week

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