Friday, March 29, 2013


Long week this week.

I did hit the treadmill on Monday and challenged myself to stay on there while I did my camp laundry. So that meant staying on during the wash and dry cycle.

I did it.

No speed medals but I technically completed the training I was supposed to do on Sunday.

My FitBit was impressed.

The weather is definitely warming up which is a nice change. Up at site we have exactly 3 seasons - snow, mud and dust. Looks like mud is starting to kick in.

Which means I can retire by poor site Sorels, they're starting to crack but they held up well to almost 4 years of Northern Alberta winters, now my mud/dust season hiking boots must also be retired this year so I got some shopping to do.

I did buy a cute more city pair of Sorel's (pink) that if I am at site another winter will do in a pinch. The latest news on my return to the Calgary office is sometime around Christmas. I do know that could change on a dime.

Tuesday and Wednesday were 13 hour days due to late meetings so no gym time and of course I flew home on Thursday. Normally I would run/walk again on Wednesday.

I do have to say the sunsets are pretty darn spectacular the further you are away of civilization.

And you can see the mud season effect on the buses. There's still a monster amount of snow to melt up there so I expect a long mud season.

Now to my title, it was beautiful today so I headed out for a run walk feeling great. I was about 20 minutes in where I adjusted my form to be more chi-running (leaning forward) then my foot hit a crack in the sidewalk and I went dooowwwwnnnnn. I tried to gain my balance but no go. I'm not hurt but I scraped up my palms and saw that the skin was broken. So I cut my run short so I could go home and wash my hands. I then discovered the impressive bruise on elbow. My knee came out unscathed as I had felt I scraped that as well.

Tomorrow is weigh in and a return to Zumba, with another run/walk planned for Sunday.

I have extra long weekend as I'm taking Monday and Tuesday off. Did I mention I'm going to Bon Jovi?

I plan to check out some classes at the gym that I normally can't take as I'm not here.

I do hope all of you had an amazing week!


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