Saturday, March 23, 2013

I am an efficient napper

I'm still loving my FitBit and wear it daily including every night to measure sleep.

I have noticed an interesting trend, I'm definitely a tosser and a turner based on the data it can range from close to 10 times to over 20 times a night.

However when I nap I'm super steady.

Only 2 interruptions during yesterdays nap. I tend to nap at least once over the weekend.

Only woke up once during the nap but super tossed and turned with 23 interruptions

Then here it was 3 times vs 21 times overnight.

Apart from napping I did go to weigh in today and suspected I'd see a gain. I was up 1 lb, it could have been worse.  It was a wild week with unexpected late meetings and then working in Calgary for a day where it just reminded me that I'm to be back in the corporate head in roughly 6 - 8 months with still no clue as to what the job will be. So when I got home on Thursday I wanted chocolate. I bring Hershey kisses to work at site as it encourages people to come talk to scary HR. I never dig into the bags at home until this Thursday. I managed to make some series damage in little foil packets.

I also didn't earn quite as many activity points last week. My WW source says Activelink is coming to Canada and I'm still intrigued even though I have the FitBit. I really like the determining your base line and aiming for over that.

The good news it's a new week and I have 6 miles on the training schedule tomorrow. The weather should be o.k, with windchill near -10c.

The meeting was as per usual with the my ridiculous leader. We talked about drinks so she took us through a painful exercise listing what we drank during breakfast, lunch, dinner and social. The painful part was there didn't seem to be any point in the exercise.

She then asked who had plans for Easter, who was going to friends and then I was shocked to hear her say "Who doesn't celebrate Easter". A few people put up their hands when she realized she shouldn't have asked that. I was floored as that was hugely inappropriate.

Towards the end of the meeting she said she would have done the topic differently but had to do it this way. I do hope Weight Watchers Int'l starts the training of the franchisee leaders soon. There was a line at weigh in with only one scale open as she was chatting with one woman at one of the scales.

There's another plus to coming back to Calgary is I'd have more choice of meetings but for now the Saturday morning one just works best for me.

As I left the meeting to go over to Walmart I walked past this

 Note the bunny ears and cotton tail on the Volkswagen....too cute 

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