Monday, April 01, 2013

They had me at Pepper Jack

I was wandering down the frozen food aisle and my eyes fell on these

The other week I saw someone at work heating one of these up and asked how they were. They said they were good but what I didn't realize was it has Pepper Jack cheese.

Back in the day McDonald's used to have this Western Bagel Omelette that was my absolute favorite and I think it was the cheese.

So I picked up a box thinking it would be handy as dinner when I fly home as I often have breakfast for dinner usually that's cereal or take with me and make for breakfast on the days I fly up.  Well Friday morning I decided to have one.

This was what it looked like straight out of the box. They're 5 PP so not bad and better then the Smart Ones I reviewed last week.

They're about 200mg higher in sodium then the Smart Ones but I liked the 12g of protein. Again this prepackaged frozen food.

Looked like this out of the microwave and the taste.....

OMG this was so good, I'd even rank it higher then a fresh Egg McMuffin or Tim Horton's breakfast sandwich. It had a touch of spice which I love. I'm officially a fan of these now, not for everyday but like I said in a pinch or when I'm tired and more likely to do something stupid like order pizza. I need to get some Pepper Jack cheese so I can just make this at home.

Today I got the other kind that doesn't have ham and has veggies in the egg and still has Pepper Jack still 5PP and 200mg less sodium.

My Easter was super low key and I kept Sunday a rest day and started watching Homeland. We just got season 1 on TV here in Canada and I had 4 episodes on the PVR. I really like it.

Today I had to run to the grocery store again as I missed a few things, I found this today.

I love, love, love, love coconut. Now in Canada we don't have Chobani (though perhaps soon) so the selection of flavored Greek yogurt isn't quite so profound. This is my new favorite by far for 2 PP. Liberte has a great coconut one too and in a lower fat version but not easy to find and not 2PP.

I went to the loonie (dollar) store in search of stickers as I put a heart sticker on my tracking page if I had activity and a smiley face if I tracked and then I put the same stickers on my calendar so I have a snap shot of how I'm doing.

Well I saw these stickers which would be perfect for my FitBloggin name badge.

Last year I thought I was one of 3 Canadians at FitBloggin and it turns out there were more of us so this way I will be easily recognized. Just hoping I can find cowboy inspired stickers to tie with  @cowgirlwarrior

Today I walked to the mall and back which is just over 2 miles and then later I headed out for another walk just under 3 miles.

My right side is feeling better after my fall the other day, both palms have healed nicely and now just dealing with a little muscle ache. I was far more sore the next day.

My run/walk will resume on Wednesday when I go back to camp.

Tomorrow is Zumba and Bon Jovi so I should rack up some serious steps with all the dancing.

Hope you enjoyed your Easter and are off to a great week.


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BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

I do really like the Kellogg's flat bread sandwiches but here they come in packs of 4. The sausage one's are 6 pps and the veggies are 4 (at least that's what it computes to)