Saturday, June 02, 2012

The dawn of 40

Tomorrow is my birthday...I turn 40.

I'm not sure how I feel about that. Part of me thinks it's just a number and I like myself now better then when I was in my 20s. I also know no one guesses I'm 40. They usually think I'm in my late 20s. This was proven when on Thursday my office was sabotaged with banners that said 40th birthday in progress, "40" glitter every where, 2 signs taped to the front of my desk that said 40, and "Lordy Lordy look who's 40" written on my whiteboard. I admit my first thought was to rip it all down and then I thought who am I kidding i should just be touched that people went to all that effort. Many who stopped to see the ah creativity commented that they definitely would never have guessed my age. Not that there's anything wrong with looking your age. I'll admit to some vanity there.

Lately I've been a bit more wigged out. I keep thinking how I'm single, never married and no kids. It's funny one of my friends turns 40 11 days after me. She is quite honest in saying turning 40 wigs her out and has been for awhile now. Last week I thought that was crazy. We have so much going for us and a number does not define you.

What I'm trying to do is think of my blessings. Yes I am soon 40 with great friends, a great job and a great family. I have roof over my head that I own. I have food in my fridge. I can pay my bills and travel.

It kind of helps that I just saw an interview with Cameron Diaz who turns 40 soon and has never been married, doesn't have kids and I think is currently single.

I have absolutely nothing to complain about.

Then I start thinking about this weight loss stuff and how I've been battling for a long time. I think for some of us it can take awhile to find the inner fire to get this done some are blessed with figuring it out faster. For me it has definitely been a long journey but I appreciate the lessons learned along the way.

Yesterday I was at the dentist getting two crowns and a replacement filling. I guess another thing to be grateful for is a dental plan. Right now they're temporary crowns. The permanent ones go in on the 13th. I was a model patient and actually don't feel too sore today. When I yawn the right hand side of my jaw is a wee sore. The temp crowns do feel funny as I can tell it doesn't feel like normal but there's no discomfort. The teeth are right next to each other so the temp crown is actually one piece that covers the two teeth as it's better for stability. I do find myself eating very slowly and chewing very mindfully.

I was down 1.8 today which is awesome as I went out to dinner on Thursday and some rough food days. On Tuesday I did C25K week 2 Day 2. Tomorrow is Day 3. I'm also pleased with 1.8 after my 4.4 loss last week.

Dad came in today to bring me geraniums so we planted those. It has been a major food feast day which tends to happen when Dad visits as he doesn't trust my cooking ability. My Dad's repertoire is basically meat and vegetables. So lunch at DQ and pizza for supper.

Tomorrow definitely needs a workout. One thing I'm incredibly grateful for is I can workout. Though still needing to lose weight I'm in good general health - knock on wood.

2012 will be the year I hit goal as I'm done with goofing around. I want to stay active so that puts the priority on getting lighter as another goal is to also smoke my January half marathon time.

So tonight I will focus on the positive and tomorrow I will celebrate turning 40 by getting my sweat on.


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Enz said...

All good things!!!

Being happy surpasses any number.