Sunday, June 10, 2012

4 sleeps

On Friday I was so tired I went to bed and forgot to set my alarm therefore sleeping through weigh in. I really wish there was a noon meeting on Saturdays. I did step on the scale at home and week of eating out certainly had it's effect. My scale is different then the WW meeting so I'd rather wait for a WW to write it down.

I'm bound and determined to get to Wednesdays meeting in the evening. The last one before Vegas.

The rest of Saturday was spent with my good friend M and I accomplished a lot clothing wise. This is a major victory as I despise clothes shopping.

First stop Walmart where I got new pillows as I desperately needed them and forgot them yesterday. M was on a mission to put together a birthday gift for her niece.

Then off to DT and I got 2 pairs of Columbia shorts on sale. I love their shorts as they're perfect for hot weather and stand up to activity. Also 3 t-shirts all on sale that are moisture wicking but don't look like technical shirts.

Then I got hooked up with a new pair of Mizuno runners and a pair of New Balance minimum bare foot technology. I wanted to try the bare foot stuff but not sure I wanted 5 finger vibrams. The New Balancestill have vibram soles which means awesome traction.

It was buy one get one 50% off. Now i've been wearing Mizuno Wave Alchemy for a long time (version 5 to 11). I haven't been loving the 11 for awhile. They feel different. I was talking to the all knowing sales clerk at Sports Chek (who's worked the shoe wall since 2006). He told me that it could be my arches are stronger as Mizuno shoes can help do that. He told me I wouldn't see that if I was using Asics or Saucony. I don't know if that was true but he sure was knowledgeable about shoes. I'm going to try the Mizuno Wave Inspire. They felt good and similar to Wave Alchemy 10 (which I loved) I did try jogging in the store. They're purple. I love purple. I never buy my runners based on color though, function is way more important for your feet.

Then it was off to the Bay to try on bathing suits. I tried on the Miracle Suit which apparently makes you look leaner. I didn't like the style I tried as there was loads of ruching and the suit felt heavy. I have to go back DT today for a waxing appointment so I'm going to go back and see what I can find.

Then we wandered past Cleo and they had sale on dresses, and I realized I still has a partial gift card for them. I got 2 dresses for one heck of a deal.

Then M wanted to go to Ricki's as apparently they have awesome capris. Now I'm 5'4 so capris are hit and miss for me as often they make we look shorter. However as we walked I had to pop into La Senza as my bras are dying and the underwire is coming out. They also had buy one get one half off. M scored some cute capris. I found 2 shirts that would be suitable for my corporate summer wardrobe at very reasonable prices. I need to go into the corporate office on the Monday when I get back from Vegas and it's supposed to +20C.

Then we were off to Chinook mall and I stopped into Sephora and got my birthday gift.

She treated me to a lovely birthday dinner.

All in all a fantastic day.

Today I need to write my pack list for Vegas as I'll be out all day tomorrow.

So I hope you enjoyed your weekend so far, might be back later.

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Kim said...

You get to go to Vegas. That is awesome. That is my favorite vacation place. Next time I want to try Gordon Ramsey steak place in Paris. We love sugar factory for breakfast. Very cool that you are going to Vegs.