Thursday, June 28, 2012


I need to ground myself.

When I last blogged I talked about having to dig deep and focus. That's not what happened this week.

You know how I was talking about making a pie for my company's United Way pie auction, well I decided against that as I love pie and didn't want my house smelling like pie.

So I go to work on Monday and what do I do I bid on a pie. This wasn't just any pie but my favourite pie made by one of my leader's super talented wives. She makes the best blueberry pie I've ever had.

Now each one these pies goes for a good chunk of cash and the average is about $120 per pie, yeah it's a little crazy this auction.

Then what happens is there is now pie everywhere you go. Every single kitchen in our building had pie. Two days of pie oh and I ate pie. I can't look at a pie for awhile now.

This week was difficult with 2 days in a row of 14hr days and then today was a 2hr drive to Fort McMurray, then a 2hr meeting and then a 2hr drive back to site so we could catch our plane home.

I'm zonked, wiped, exhausted and out of steam.

On Monday I did play badminton and then attempted to run. I didn't realize I was now on week 3 of C25K so I started the app without realizing that. Well after an hour of badminton I didn't have enough energy to complete the run. I also need to factor in I've been averaging one run a week lately which isn't exactly how the program works. So it back to week 2, I'm not giving up on this.

I don't like how I feel or how my clothes are fitting, so it's time I have a time out in the corner and think about my actions.

I can't continue this if I seriously want to be fit.

So I need to turn this ship around and bring the focus back to losing weight and focusing on health. This weekend I finalize my training plan for the half marathon in November.

It's time to get serious.


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Enz said...

Sometimes there is no other way than to JUST DO IT. Nike has it right.