Friday, June 08, 2012

The week

My actual birthday was very low key on Sunday as it's the day before I fly out. I don't really like to do anything on Sunday other then laundry or around the house as an early bedtime is necessary for a 6am flight.

On Monday I tried to make oatmeal in my microwave before heading out and it wasn't working which made me realize it's time to replace the microwave. This microwave is old so it was really time for a new one but this had to wait till I got home. Monday afternoon it was off to Fort McMurray for a 2 day training course.

My co-worker and I were booked at The Platinum - Fort McMurray's only boutique hotel. It's an odd place as it's right above a Sears that sells mattresses and appliances. The door to the hotel has a buzzer so you can't just walk in. The actual lobby is on the 2nd floor. Each room has two bedrooms, a little kitchen and the smallest vanity I've ever seen. I can see the value of this place if you're there for a while as there's a Save On Food really close by. I wasn't super impressed though as it struck me more like Ikea then boutique. Restaurant choices in that part of downtown Fort McMurray isn't abundant. Though we did find an awesome Japanese place near by.

Now if I had been travelling alone I would have taken advantage of the grocery store and just cooked but my coworker didn't have their corporate credit card yet so I was their Sugar Mama for the two days.

The hotel had no gym but offered passes to the fitness center at the college. It wasn't exactly pedestrian friendly and we had no car.

Now Fort McMurray quite often gets a bad rap and you often read about prostitution and drugs. However Fort McMurray is beautiful surrounded by gorgeous forests and rivers, and the people are so lovely. Everyone is really nice.

Restaurant options are limited in comparison to Calgary so eating was a major challenge. Every meal was out or at the training.

I have to admit when my schedule gets disrupted my behaviour isn't exactly focused on WW.

However the course was great and it was really nice to see my Fort McMurray coworkers.

Thursday it was back to site and my to do list looked like an encyclopedia. Plus I was flying home that day as well so time was limited. After we got off the plane we went to East Side Mario's for dinner. So this whole week has pretty much been a wash.

On Monday I'm at an all day offsite meeting that's catered. Tuesday I head back to site. Wednesday I fly back in the morning and need to go back to the dentist for the permanent crowns and I'm squeaking in a cleaning in as well.

Somewhere between all that I need to pack as it's off to Vegas on Thursday. Today I went to the bank for some US cash. I'll probably start packing this weekend so only last minute stuff is left for next week.

I also went to Walmart and got a new microwave. I opted for a Panasonic and already I notice a difference as it cooks way faster then the old one.

Tomorrow I need to go shopping for a swimsuit (fun), shorts, some new t-shirts (all of mine are tired). I'd also like to find some summer dresses not only for Vegas but for chilling at home.

Right now I'm catching up on Masterchef. I love this show as it's so inspiring.

Alright I will try to drop by tomorrow and show you my shopping haul.


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tomadou (とまどう) said...

I agree, Ft. McMurray isn't so bad. The Fort could use some updating though. Last time I was there, was in the middle of a June Bug migration (or something)... they were literally EVERYWHERE. EEK. Have fun in Vegas! :D