Wednesday, June 20, 2012

From Vegas to Fort McMurray

Lately due to work I've been spending a lot of time in Fort Mac, more specifically hotels in Fort Mac. This week there's been 2 as Tuesday pretty much had every room in town booked. Today I moved to a different one as it's closer to where I need to be. I could write a review on all these hotels. Last night was the Quality Inn, doubt I'll stay there again. It's located closer to the airport, it's quiet but the rooms are so so. They're basic but I was surprised there was no Kleenex. Food wise is limited, there's McDonald's and the hotel restaurant and the restaurant at the Radisson across the street. Today it's the Stonebridge. Nicer room, more central, loads of restaurants around plus Tim Horton's is in the parking lot. So is the only mall in Fort Mac. Bath&Body Works in the bathroom and they have Kleenex. Now it will be less quiet due to being in the downtown of Fort Mac but the location works way better for me. Due to the volume of people here for work in Fort Mac most hotel rooms come with a mini fridge and microwave. I long for my normal schedule and routine. I kept everything to one backpack this trip so no workout clothes. I'm tired of eating out. I'm so looking forward to returning to my regular life next week. Looks like I'll weigh in on Friday. That's my first WI in 3 weeks. I know it will a gain as I decided to focus on fun. However very soon half marathon training begins. I need to think like an athlete. I'm also starting to look ahead for more races. I don't want a 10 month break in between so I a reason to maintain the conditioning. I also need to put more focus on cross training. It's time to schedule exercise and put it in my IPhone and blackberry. Friday is back to basics WW wise. Vacation is over. It's time to get to goal. Hugs!!!

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