Friday, June 29, 2012

Finding goals

Today I just focused on chilling, slept in, read and pretty much stayed in my PJs. I needed a rest day. Of course that allowed a lot of time to think today and I came up with a few conclusions.

To keep myself motivated I need goals. I'm good at goals when I'm training for something. When I train for something I try to think like an athlete.

Now with Fitbloggin' and half marathon training coming closer that sort of taken care of for the short term as I am bound and determined to beat my time at the Tinkerbell Half and thoroughly enjoy the 5K at Fitbloggin'.

The goals just can't be about weight loss or I drive myself a little bonkers. However the goal should be conducive to getting to my weight goal.

Lately I've been getting a lot of questions from my work friends on when my next race is. It's funny I went to Vegas and they all thought it was for a run. I then explained no that was for fun and the next race is in November.

I do find myself telling people that I want to do more regularly scheduled races like every few months not one in January and then one in November. With so much time between things I found myself totally dropping any type of training plan and now planning on starting again instead of maintaining.

I did up my training schedule for the Disney Wine and Dine today that starts July 10 and will take me all the way to race day on November 10th...then what.

Today I also took a look at upcoming races.

I signed up for the Halloween Howl 5K in October and the Scotiabank Calgary Half Marathon in May 2013. I'm eyeing the SeaWheeze Half in Vancouver if they do it again in August of 2013. Maybe just maybe the Las Vegas Rock n' Roll Half Marathon in December 2013. I still think I need something between November and May but I'll wait and see what comes up as I'm open to short distances as well especially locally or close by.

As the 2 races this year are both Disney races on the plane home I was asked if I'd do the Goofy Challenge. Now if you're unfamiliar with the Goofy Challenge it's a half marathon on Saturday and then the next day you do a full marathon. If I were even going to consider that it would in January of 2014 or more likely 2015. Funny I don't think I've ever planned anything that far out but for an exercise like that 39.3 miles over 2 days would definitely need planning. Now this is at Disney World as well. That would take a great deal of thought. After I did the Honolulu Marathon I vowed to never do a marathon again...well never say never.

I have a very low key Canada Day long weekend planned as I'm going back to work on Monday anyway.

Hope you enjoyed your Friday!


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