Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ah the spa

I braved the mall again today well after my waxing appointment at Stillwater Spa at the Hyatt Calgary Downtown. I love this place and I haven't been there in ages. It is a little pricey but it's also kind of worth it. I had forgotten the steam room and whirlpool just in the dressing room.

It was hopping for a Sunday and a lot of women in pairs. Also quite a few pregnant women as they offer services especially for expectant mothers. Two groups ordered lunch.

The funny part is I'm back at the Hyatt tomorrow as that's where my all day meeting is.

I then braced the Bay for swimsuit shopping day 2. I left with a tankini, but a swim skirt for bottoms. I did have a thought in the racks of suits. Ever since my melanoma diagnosis I'm super leery of the sun. I was supremely lucky to catch it early and now I just have a one inch scar on my right arm. The thought part came from I will not lounge by the pool all day in fact I'll try to keep my exposure between 11am and 3pm super minimal. Earlier and later are better.

So if my Vegas buddy wants to lounge by the pool until noon I might go for a bit but then I'll hit the gym.

I also had the thought that at some point I'm going to rock a bikini.

I was searching you tube last night and found some girl who actually posted a tour of her room in Aria, surprise surprise when I spotted a scale in the bathroom. There's only one other time I've seen a scale in a hotel room and that was in Montreal. That inspired the thought of making use of their spectacular gym. My can't I treat Vegas like a gambling, shopping and workout oasis. I have a goal to come back lighter then when I left.

I've never done that before. There's always a first time.

Have a great remainder of your Sunday and a great Monday. I don't think I'll have time to blog on Monday.


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carla said...

YOU have a great day.
me? Im now thinking about a pedicure ;-)