Friday, June 22, 2012

Face the music

I must remember that when I blog on my iPad I need to use the blogger plus app and not log into blogger itself so my post doesn't wind up being one mega paragraph.

Today I conquered the jungle lawn, well most of it. The battery is good for one hour so a third of my back yard still needs to be done.

I go back to my WW meeting tomorrow after a few week hiatus. There will definitely be a gain as I took vacation from the plan as well. All that ends and tracking starts again.

I am so looking forward to getting back to a routine back.

Tomorrow I also return to the gym for Zumba and Iron Reps. I haven't been to those classes in ages. Disney Wine and Dine training starts shortly so I need to get into the training rhythm now of training days and cross training days. D

I wore the Nike Fuel band around today. I do like how it's more of a bracelet and will be fun for non running activity. Those Nike toys are fun not so accurate. For running there's not enough data for my liking so Garmin rules there. In terms of correct data like calories burned I still think HR monitor is a better bet and the Fuel band is estimating I don't necessarily want to wear an HR monitor everywhere so it could be a fun little motivator.

I had errands to run today so there was lots of walking. I went to MEC to check out the Vibram5finger KSO. At 2:30pm that place was a zoo. It felt like Christmas the line ups at the cash were crazy. I decided then to go grocery shopping instead.

On Monday it's the 2nd annual pie auction for the United Way. I said I'd bring one but don't know what to make so another grocery trip will be needed.

Now I'm already in my PJs and about to start reading.

Hope you enjoyed your Friday.

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