Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dig deep

Up 4.4lbs today, the scary thing it could have been worse. I threw WW out the window while I was in Vegas and that continued into my work trip last week.

Vacation and work travel is definitely over (for now) and now it's back to focusing on becoming fit and fabulous.

I need to learn how to deal with eating out better. It's funny in camp because I know it so well it's easier and that's technically eating out but more cafeteria style. Restaurants are not so easy for me and with all the travel requiring me to stay in hotel rooms lately it's definitely been a challenge. 

Going forward I need to take more advantage of the amenities I have access to. Like a microwave and a mini fridge in practically every hotel room in Fort McMurray, hopefully I won't need to go back for awhile so I can reset my routine before the next trip occurs. 

The other challenge I face is the bulk of my social time revolves around people I work with (who are also fabulous friends) which usually means eating out and drinking, well  more drinking. Without becoming a total hermit (which I generally lean towards anyways thanks to being an introvert) I just need to have a plan and take it day by day. I do realize I don't need to match them drink for drink. The focus for me will be less alcohol more water on those days but nothing like that is scheduled anytime soon. 

Today I walked through pouring rain to get to weigh in (go me) and passed the gym on my way to Starbucks. The gym is going through mega renovations right now and when I walked by 30min before they open all the cardio equipment was pushed to the side, the floor mats were all pulled up and people were loading things in. That made me think the gym was maybe closed. I did see a sign saying they're closed Fri June 29 through to Sunday July 1 for the Canada Day holiday. 

The meeting itself was o.k. It turns out we do have a regular leader now unfortunately I'm not a fan. She's nice enough but she likes to talk like she's a nutritional expert but all she does is quote Dr. Oz. It's like one of those people who talk about things when they don't really understand what they're talking about. I watch an episode of Dr. Oz every so often but I'm less and less interested as it seems like it's going the way of supporting some iffy things. 

I'm going to switch to Friday's at noon as I really like that leader and that actually makes my life easier schedule wise for gym classes too. Right now the Sat meeting ends one hour before the gym class starts which usually has me wandering around Walmart as that's not enough time to go home and back again. 

When the Friday meeting doesn't work I'll use the Saturday morning meeting. My other option is to find another morning meeting that's accessible to me but that would involve transit. When I get transferred back to Calgary which will happen eventually there is a Thurs am meeting downtown or plenty of lunch time meetings. 

Well after the meeting I went home with the intention to do housework thinking the gym was closed. The housework never happened as grey gloomy weather makes we want to camp out on the sofa and clean off the dvr. 

The tracker is back in action though and I will have a successful week. 

Hope your Saturday was awesome.


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