Saturday, March 31, 2012

Unusual Week

I had a bit of a crazy week.

Monday was badminton and loads of fun. Some of us are discovering we have some killer instincts even Badminton Sensei says we might be ready to face off against the crazy good people in a few weeks.

Flew home on Wednesday due to meetings in Calgary on Thursday. It was eluded that I might get a new responsibility. I say eluded as absolutely nothing has been directly said but just inferred. That's happening a lot lately. There's so many changes going on but no communication. It's very cloak and dagger and making me feel very in limbo.

Had to go into work on Friday for a 5hr meeting. I'm going to be coaching some senior leaders in an offsite at the end of April. This meeting was to prepare us coaches. One facilitator was awesome and I think is a superb coach. The other one was meh. It was an interesting exercise though as there was a portion where you had to be a coach, the coached and an observer. When I was the coachee I wasn't sure what to use as my thing to be coached on so I just sort of winged it of course I volunteered to go first as I just wanted to get it over with.  What I did realize is I'm totally freaked about a meeting I need to facilitate on Tuesday.

It was funny when I was the coach my coachee started with one thing that she thought was bothering her but over the course of the conversation it was something different. I've very much looking forward to this opportunity to be a coach as I think I'll learn a lot about myself in the process.

You see the topic is not my strong suit, it's not rocket science either but my co-worker has done it for the past few years and done a tremendously good job so I really really don't want to mess it up. I know I'm making it out to be far worse than it really is but that's what I do. I wish I didn't.

I could feel a headache coming on Friday afternoon. I went to bed early yesterday.

I woke up with the same headache so I got up took some Advil and went back to bed. I could tell it was a tension headache and those always take forever to go away for me. I didn't wake up till 10:30am so I completely missed both WW meetings today. I also missed Zumba.

I went grocery shopping as I couldn't do that on Friday and then I had plans to do to housework but I had absolutely no get up and go.

Goal wise was all over the place. Took my vitamins for 4 days, got 2L of water in for 5 days, exercise was 2 days.

So my first week of the RFS challenge is a bit of a write off. However tomorrow is a new day and a new month. There's something about April that's just so positive perhaps it's because it's starting to really feel like spring.

Tomorrow I re-start my C25K with run 1 and the goal this week is to get 3 runs in. I'm still technically on track for that goal as there's 9 weeks left of the challenge and it's a 9 week program. That also means absolutely no excuses from here on out.

Happy April!


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