Saturday, March 17, 2012

A challenge ends and a new one begins

I didn't have a very successful Spring Chick Challenge from a pure weight loss perspective. In fact today I was up 2.4.

However I am happy with myself for going to weigh in. When I stepped on my bathroom scale this morning I thought about not going, I thought about going to the later meeting in hopes I'd miraculously lose 2lbs by then.

Then I decided no I'm not going to avoid the scale or go into denial.

Let's face it tracking stopped after Tuesday. Thursday night I went out for drinks and appetizers with my client group. That was me and 9 men.

I ordered a super stoked vodka coke which is not exactly a low point drink. The first batch of appetizers was everything I don't eat fish and things with bones i.e. chicken wings. The second batch of appetizers has sliders and chili chicken - that's more my style.

Friday I thought I'd eat lighter to compensate. That was disaster as I just grazed without a plan.

What I did learn during this challenge is that I need to more committed and make my weight loss and getting healthier a priority. I talk a good talk but the walking part has been sorely lacking.

Today at weigh in I picked up some brochures: Manage Your Thoughts, Mental Rehearsing, Empowering Beliefs and Motivating Strategy.

Today's meeting topic was a good one for me to hear. I had a bad trend this week of starting the day out well and then throwing it out the window. Then giving myself some good negative self talk that had me reaching for a cookie.

I wonder if it's because I'm a Gemini. One side of my brain is saying you want to rock a bikini in Vegas, run the whole 5K at Fitbloggin, shave mega time off a Wine and Dine and the other side of my brain is nah I'm not going to workout today, forgetting the tracker on my desk.

Going today was a good shake to the head. This week I'm focusing on back to basics and following the plan 101.

I will do well over the next few weeks and rock the Ready for Summer challenge.

Now after weigh in I shook myself off and went to the gym. I did a quick grocery shop and picked up All Bran buds because my fibre could use a boost and I also found bagel thins plus the new Laughing Cow Garlic Herb.

Then I hit the gym. I was early for Zumba so I walked on a new treadmill for 30min, then had Zumba for an hour and then Iron Reps for an hour.

Yesterday I watched an interesting documentary on The Nature of Things called The Perfect Runner . It more or less says that has human beings we are designed to run and that it's unnatural for us to sit all day. So that inspired me to download a C25K app from Tomorrow is run one. I'm committed to completing the entire cycle as I have picked my training days for the half in November and I want to run for far longer periods of time then I did at Tinkerbell.

Let's turn this ship around.



Enz said...

Oh oh oh oh!!!
So excited you're doing C25K. I quit three times at week 4 - but last summer I DID IT. You can too!!!
I know you can.

Maren said...

You will absolutely rock the challenge! And I totally think you can do the C25K too!!

Blog Wobble said...

I have downloaded a C25K app for my ipod but I haven't checked it out yet. I am looking forward to participating in the Ready for Summer Challenge with you, you will do a great job through out I am sure!
Thanks for your reply to my buddy post, my email addy is linked up to my about me page if you send through a contact form. Have a great day!

Jaynie said...

Love the gemini comment - i know how that is being one myself lol - im begining the challenge of weight loss again :/ good luck with yours x