Sunday, April 01, 2012

Day one C25K

Happy April!

Today was the return to C25K, now my last run was two weeks ago I wanted to start back at the beginning. Got off too a goofy start as I locked my phone which caused the app to pause but I figured that out fast.

This was my first run outside in a long time too. My first few running bursts felt a little rough but I found my groove and I was surprised when it was done. The bonus of not looking at the phone and just listening to the verbal cues.

It was about 8c and a wee windy but I felt good.

It was 29:51min, 3.38km, avg pace 8:50/km, 117 calories burned. My warm up was a little long due to the phone locking. I'm looking forward to run 2 on Tuesday.

I've been tracking on my phone for the last few days and I went to write it in my tracker and I can't find it. I must have left it at work. Even though I have the WW app I still like to write it down.

Normal schedule next week so even better for no excuses.

Hope you enjoyed your Sunday.

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Enz said...

Glad you restarted C25K. Way to go.

Let's make April our month of NO EXCUSES!