Friday, March 02, 2012

It was a week

It's funny, I work 4 days a week on a compressed week work schedule yet it felt like a long week. On Thursday when we were all waiting for the bus to the plane (the bulk of us on a 4 day work week) were all saying it's been a long week.

So I'm quite happy to be home and enjoy my 3 day weekend.

I've been told I'll be working remotely for another year and then most likely transfer back to a position based in Calgary. While I do adore my current client group I've been taking two flights a week and getting up really early on Mondays for almost 3 years now. I'm kind of looking forward to going back to the corporate world even if it means working a traditional 5 days a week again. Plus it adds a little fuel to hit goal and rejig my corporate wardrobe. So I'll enjoy this year and picture snazzy work outfits that don't consist of t-shirt and jeans (which is my work wardrobe currently).

Today I finally got a little coordinated and did my grocery shopping first thing this morning. Then I went to MEC to get a new work backpack. I needed one that's slightly bigger then my current one as I always seem to be leaving things behind because it doesn't fit. I do pack a lunch on Mondays and bring food items like snacks for the week.

My Turbo Fire experiment didn't get off to the start I planned. It was a bit idiotic of me to think I'd do anything on Monday after getting up at 3:30am. Tuesday and Wednesday were exhausting and I was in bed early both days. To be honest I don't really don't want to do Turbo Fire 5 days a week as I do want to keep working on my running so I'll have to sort out my own plan which will probably be alternating them. I will definitely try the first DVD this weekend. I still need to determine if I can even do this in my camp room or if it it will be too disruptive to my neighbors.

I did track all week, some days it wasn't pretty but I wrote it down.

Tonight my original plan was to stay home but then I got an offer to go for dinner with a friend. I do have weigh in tomorrow and let me flash back to last Friday where I decided to bail on weigh in due to dinner. Well not this time. I went to dinner and tried to make better choices and I will be going to my meeting tomorrow.

I kind of like that it's a start to a new month also.

It doesn't matter what the scale says tomorrow it's data. I really regret not going last week. All I did was put my head in the sand. I've done this before where I skip a weigh in and think I'll erase all the damage by next weigh in...never happens. I need to face the scale and get inspired at the meeting. Life happens and there's nothing I can do about that. All I can do is do my best.

I did come across a new challenge for when the Spring Chick Challenge ends on March 19th

Ready For Summer Challenge
The rules so far are very simple. Starts March 26th and runs for 10 weeks. Which means this challenge will take me right to the WI the day before my birthday. I like that you set your own goals and check in weekly. It's noted that there will be small optional weekly challenges. So if this sounds interesting to you hop on over to the Ready For Summer Challenge

My plan for tomorrow is weigh in and then the gym. It's been ages since I've been to Spalady. Then it's do a thorough cleaning of my house.

My plan for Sunday is to do nothing well a workout of some kind but then just chill.

I hope all of you had a great week, talk to you tomorrow.



Enz said...

I'm really getting into the spirit of challenges now!!

Maren said...

So great that you're joining us! It will definitely help to be a great group of people! :)

Enjoy your weekend! :D