Friday, March 23, 2012

Ah Friday

My week flew by so I didn't post much but today I finally have some time to sit with my computer. 

On Monday I played an hour of badminton and absolutely enjoyed myself so happy that this will become part of my routine.

On Tuesday I did get up at 4am and went to the gym. I completed day one of C25K and I really like this app. I downloaded the C25K app on my Iphone. I like that you can choose from 3 voices to prompt you. There's a Sergeant who's "hard core", Billie a no nonsense trainer and Charlene an alumni of the C25K program. I went with Charlene. I can use one of my playlists for music and Charlene's voice comes on to tell me when I need walk or jog. The visual of the app is nice too on the treadmill. I see the countdown of whatever I'm doing plus what coming up next and for who long. There's also an oval around the clock that changes colour as the workout progresses so you know how much is left to do. Kind of reminds me of a track. Now when I go outside I won't see any of this but the voice is nice as I don't need to look at my watch. 

The workout itself went really well. 

I had planned to do day 2 on Thursday but I had some issues. I woke up and checked my BB to see what time it was and the BB was dead. My work BB is also my alarm clock. So I grabbed my Iphone and found out it was midnight then programmed the alarm on that. Then I just lay there till about 3am. So with little sleep I opted not to run on Thursday. 

I had thought I might do it today. I got off to a late start this morning and did some grocery shopping. Today I get the two Westies (Griffin and Chloe) to dog sit this weekend. They were supposed to be here at 6pm but my old boss's boss husband was flying Air Canada today and with all that's going on with that his flight was cancelled. He rebooked on West Jet but will be delayed. Now I won't get the dogs till closer to 7pm or later. 

Now at 3pm I was tired so I had a nap. I woke up half an hour ago. Now it's looking like I'll do run 2 on Sunday. 

Tomorrow I'm not going to the gym instead I'll walk the dogs a few times. I feel like I need to spend some time entertaining them and I already know that I'm going out for dinner tomorrow plus leaving in the morning for weigh in. I like to think when I take care of people's dogs that the dogs are on vacation when their parents go away. 

The owners will only be away for the weekend and promised me that they'll pick up the dogs by noon on Sunday. 

I think I'll see a loss tomorrow. Tracking was better not perfect but got 6 out of 7 days, water was better always got at least a litre mostly 1.5 but the goal is 2. Exercise was 3 days this week. 

Ready for Summer starts Monday....

Hope you had a great week!


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Raeesa Samizdat said...

4 am?! You are amazing! I used to dog sit/walk and it's one of the few exercise activities that I loved start to finish!