Monday, March 12, 2012

Change of plans

Yesterday I spent the whole day in my pajamas. I don't know if it was the time change but Sunday flew by. The walk/ run didn't happen as while I was doing laundry I got sucked into Face Off on the Space channel, not the movie with John Travolta. This was a competition among special effects make-up.

Then dishes and general clean- up happened and by the time I was done it was time to wind down for the 3:30am wake- up time.

Slept so-so last night and I got back to my camp room tonight and remembered I had to do laundry. All of my workout clothes are in the hamper. Now also got to camp a little later then I had planned. I wound up eating dinner with some friends as opposed to grabbing food and eating it in my camp room.

When I got back to my room I realized I was behind schedule for laundry. It takes 2 hrs to do laundry. To be up for the gym tomorrow I need to be asleep by 8pm. Then I realized registration for the Disney Wine and Dine technically opens tonight for me. It starts at 12am EST. That's 10pm MST.

So I booted it to the laundry room. All washers were taken but one was done with clothes in it. I just stood there and waited. I didn't feel right moving someone's clothes to a dryer and I was traumatized when I once found all my clothes on top of a machine. Perhaps it's because as a woman I'm in the minority up at site and I'm not crazy about strange men touching my underwear.

Alas another male coworker who's washer wasn't finished yet came by and moved the clothes to the dryer so I could use the machine.

So now my plan is to register for the race tonight. As I won't have workout clothes for another hour and a half I'll skip the am workout tomorrow as I won't be effective on less sleep after no sleep. Now I have a meeting that runs till 8pm tomorrow (thinking of a way out of it) so I'll be diligent food wise and do my best this week. Workouts might be erratic but that doesn't mean I can't focus on other things.

Sometimes you just need to roll with the punches.

Hope you had a fabulous Monday.


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Enz said...

You're right, sometimes you have to make the best of the hand you're dealt.