Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Not sure it's for me

I did get up at 4 am this morning and walked on the treadmill for 46min.

It was tough getting up as sleep was so-so.

I tried running for exactly 1 minute and just wasn't feeling it as I was tired.

The one thing I didn't plan well was fuel. The kitchen opens at 5:30am. I didn't have any food in my room.

So today I packed lunch and breakfast. I didn't eat breakfast till I was at my desk by 6am. Up for 2hrs with no fuel doesn't work so great.

I'm not sure I'm cut out for early am workouts at work. At home I find it easier to do am workouts.

Tomorrow I'm going to attempt a after work workout and compare energy.

Tonight when I got back to my camp room I jumped up and down a few times. Hmmm...perhaps Turbo Fire will work....

Hope you had a great Tuesday!


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Erin said...

Woah, up at 4? That's dedication. I struggle getting up at 6 for morning workouts (but I do it!)

carla said...

Im with you.


louiserun said...

For an early morning workout have an apple, banana or orange beforehand or a running gel in your room. I have been doing an early morning workout for decades and your body will get into the routine. It takes three weeks. I don't fuel up before exercising in the am unless I am starved at 5 am. I have eaten a few almonds before exercising or have a piece of gum while running.

MOM GETS_FIT said...

It's for you! It's for all of us. You are inspiring me to get up early and get after it already. Stay strong.