Wednesday, March 14, 2012

All registered

So when I thought Disney Wine and Dine (DWD) registration opened on Monday at 10pm I was totally wrong. It opened at 12pm EST not 12am. Duh!

I did get registered that day though. Also got a deal on a park pass. This time I opted to buy the commemorative pin and necklace. At Tinkerbell I just got the pin.

Then I hunted accommodations. I used GET travel for Tinkerbell but the link on the DWD page takes you to last years info. I also checked their website and nada. I was hesitant to use the options provided by Disney as it's based on double occupancy and I'm going solo. They also have a disclaimer the deal is available till Nov 13 and I'm staying till the 15th.

So I started hunting. I wanted to stay in the same hotels mentioned on the DWD page because then race transportation is provided. I used an app I downloaded called Hipmunk. It took me to Orbitz where I found an even better deal for the All Star Music resort. I upped to a "preferred room" for an average of $114US per night no extra fee for being solo. The Disney deal was $121 per night. I wanted to book this now as it will fill up. I checked Expedia first and there was nothing available.

Oh and the park pass I ordered shipped today.

Now the only option I can't get is the Disney Dining plan but I'm cool with that. I found the plans confusing and again I'm solo so I don't want to be confined to a plan.

This weekend I'll get a travel book as Disney World is gigantic. So now 34 weeks and 3 days to race day.

Now other than that not a stellar week. No workouts and food is all over the place. Today I re-did my tracking spreadsheet to remind myself of my goals. I've been too distracted by getting caught up in stress. I've been stressed for awhile and I can narrow it down to a person. What I don't get is why do I let this person get to me. I can rise above it.

Home day tomorrow - yippee. Hope you enjoyed your Wednesday!!


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mensa said...

Did the 5k at Disney last year when it was in October. A sea of people. Is this your first one there?