Friday, March 09, 2012

5 days...

Alright so I do realize I haven't given morning workouts too much of a chance. In fact my only one this week was Tuesday. Which is o.k as I often get a little too gung ho only to bail so perhaps baby steps is better.

Next week I'm going to try 2, Tuesday again and Thursday. My ultimate plan is do it Tues to Thursday. I spend 3 nights in camp so that's the only time I really need to focus on early am. Fri- Sun are my days off so that's got more wiggle room.

My game plan to try an after workout on Wednesday was kaboshed by a late meeting that didn't have me back to my room till 8pm. This is the primary reason I need to make am workouts work. Next week isn't too much better but on Tuesday I have another meeting that will run till 8pm so I won't be in my room till even later. This is why I'm not going to attempt an am workout on Wednesday right away as that's an unusually late meeting and I want to ensure a good night's rest before any am workout.

Which brings me to my other plan which is pay close attention to bed time, if I have an am workout I need to make sure to get to bed at a good hour.

Thank you for all your fabulous comments by the way, you inspire me.

Today I did pick up some Fiber One Chocolate granola bars to keep in my room as a morning fuel options as they're 2PP. I use GU under duress and my other option is make sure to grab a banana from the kitchen the night before. There isn't always bananas available though so the Fiber One is a back up plan.

I've tried some version of Fiber One bar in the past and thought it tasted like twigs so I went into this with some trepidation. However I did try one of these today and it kind of reminds me of a puffed wheat square so I'm relieved.

Turbo Fire finally met my DVD player today. I popped in Fire 30 + Stretch 10. I lasted 20min. It reminds me of Tae Bo with better music. Earlier I did walk to the mall and back with groceries so I still got more then a 20min workout in today. Turbo Fire is a fun workout. I used the "new to class" option where she breaks down the moves. I found the break down pretty fast so I could probably skip it next time and just figure it out in the regular portion of the dvd. This is something that I'll need to work on.

It just showed me that my cardio ability has suffered a bit since half marathon training not really super surprising. I won't be following the Turbo Fire workout plan but using it with my running plans as an alternate workout.

Disney Wine and Dine registration opens Tuesday so 5 days from now which does have my mind focusing on running. I really really want to smoke my Tinkerbell time in November. I'm already planning on doing Tinkerbell again and I would really like to do the Princess Half at Disney World in 2013. I follow #rundisney on twitter and read great things about Princess.

I don't need to start traditional half marathon training just yet. However I do need to build my base and that's just not running that's muscles and general cardio.

Tomorrow after weigh in I'm going to hit the gym and revisit Zumba and Iron Reps which I haven't done in forever. I want to run/walk on Sunday as the weather is great.

Not sure what the scale will say. I had a wonky tracking week, some days great some days not so much. I definitely need to focus more on that. However I am feeling more inspired then ever. Vegas in 3 months plus a week...time is ticking.

I hope you all had a great week.


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Enz said...

I applaud you for at least attempting it. I keep thinking about it, but have not actually done it yet - getting up at the crack of dawn to work out I mean!