Friday, December 31, 2010

What a great night

So I got my wires crossed and we went somewhere completely different for dinner last night. However first the plan was to meet at The Ship and Anchor for a cocktail. At first I was just going to take the bus to K's house and we'd go over together. The bus I tried to catch was going out of service so plan B, I took a cab and picked up K. It was cold last night.

It turned out being just her and me but it was nice to just chill for a minute. I had a pint of guiness as I find beer makes me feel fuller.

We then headed to dinner at Brava Bistro, which just happens to be next to my old high school. The food was fabulous. We started with a cheese plate that four of us shared. I then had their Lebanese Chopped Salad that was absolutely amazing. What I enjoyed about this restaurant is the servings weren't huge it was just the right size.

I'm definitely the biggest girl out of the four of us and I noticed that I alone grabbed a piece (well two pieces) of the dark rye bread at the table that was a bit of a note to self. My plan of eating lower throughout the day may not have been the best plan as I was pretty darn hungry by the time I headed out.

We were missing our 5th member and quite frankly getting a bit worried but alas he arrived after accidentally having a super long nap. Which immediately made me think why didn't I have a nap.

We did have dessert and I had the creme brulee it was also delicious and very shallow so not super overwhelming. I had their Hard Lemonade but then stuck to just water. 

This morning my home scale showed the exact same weight it did yesterday morning so now we'll see what the WW scales have to say at 11:45 today.

I can say I'm rather happy I don't have a morning weigh in today as the radio said it's -30 with windchill out there and should be getting warmer throughout the day so by the time the New Year's party people head out it might be -13. 

I will be back with the results of today's weigh in and my reflections on my 2010 and plans for 2011.

In the meantime, stay warm and hugs!

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Carol said...

Guinness is only 2 points for a pint, by the way. First thing I checked!!