Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas in my neighbourhood

I always find Christmas rather anti-climatic. Mine is pretty much over at this point and now it's on to regular life. I did have the option of going to a friend's sister house later on but I've decided to just be a home body today.

Dad went home this morning with 4 bags of cat food that I got the cats (the wild cats that live on Dad's property who are now effectively our cats) or who I now collectively call "my babies".

The two kittens who I met in the summer are now full grown. Spook and Fred might be bigger but their personalities are pretty much intact. Fred was friendly as ever and purring away. He's the only one that will let you pet him. Spook was his distant self as per usual. Mama Meow (the mom) was her dignified self. The two new kittens are pretty funny. There's Dusty and Max. My Dad took pitty on Dusty as I guess he was on the scrawny side so he's allowed to eat inside the house (just inside the door) on occasion after all he's competing against 4 adult cats and one kitten for food. One day I thought he was going to make a run for the living room so I picked him up. There was a pathetic meow and the four sets of mini claws were imbedded in my hand. Not as friendly as the other two. Papa Meow is still around and takes off the moment he sees you. I quite often saw him eating with the family.

My Dad feeds this menagerie and will complain they're eating him out of house and home, hence the four large bags of cat food that I sent him home with. It was pretty funny on the day we left as we set some food out and covered it with the "cat house" (an upside down orange box with a hole cut as a door). At first we just had the box on the porch with no food under it. OMG endless entertainment for the cats. They were in it, on top of it and even playing a version of hide and go seek. One kitten was inside and the other one was on top of the box poking his paw in the holes as the one inside poked him back.

I'd had to share the cat tale but on my week at my Dad's I did do a lot of thinking which will turn into mulitple blog posts I'm sure but I want to collect my thoughts before I start typing.

After Dad left I was feeling a little blah and getting a little too comfortable with a box of Ferrero Rocher so I decided to take myself for a walk as the weather was nice (0 degrees). It wasn't a speedy walk as I had to look at where I was going for hidden ice but I did have my iphone with me so I took some pictures of things that got my attention.

I thought this was kind of cool, made out of pine cones and branches on the foot of the lawn.

These neighbours go all out. Their whole lawn is covered in decorations but I particulary liked the polar bears and igloo on the right. They also do amazing halloween decorations.
I love it when people decorate their outside trees, it's so pretty and a hint of surprise.

These blow up decorations are all over my neighbourhood but normally it's Santa and dancing penguins sort of thing. I don't think I've ever seen one of the nativity before.

Now I leave you for today with the wreath I have on my door. Until tomorrow...Hugs!!!! Oh yeah, the walk was 1:09/ 7.63km/ 384 calories burned.


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