Monday, December 13, 2010

Being prepared

I made sure to bring my 3 month tracker and my pointsplus calculator to camp with me this week and it's been handy so far.

I can preplan my food based on pointsplus but when you actually look at it later in the day you might not want it. For example today there was soft chicken tacos for 6 ppt, yet when I got it it was not so appealing to me. I wound up with a may lower lunch than originally planned.

After work it was 50min of pilates. Oh boy do I need to work on my flexibility. I got a foot cramp and my IT band was not happy. This was never an issue when I did yoga regularly. I need to get my practice going again.

Dinner was pretty low pps too so I compensated by having pudding and jello at dinner. I had to hit the minimum points for the day afterall.

Stepped on the scale this morning and it was lower than yesterday so I'm heading in the right direction.

Tomorrow is a total gong show as I have a bizillion meetings and some former co-workers are coming for a visit. It will a really late day tomorrow so food must be completely on point. K and I are planning to workout tomorrow but it probably won't be until 8:30pm by the time we get to the gym.

I'm getting the feeling I have too much to do with 3 days left in my week before I'm off for two weeks.

Hope you all had a super fabulous Monday.


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