Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Trying something new at the gym

First of all, huge thanks to Eve for letting me know where I read that time capsule idea. It was Lyn who posted it so please check it out if you haven't already.

This morning I made myself my smoothie (spinach, banana, frozen blueberries and one tablespoon of PB), lately it's been my after gym drink but today I had it for breakfast.

I then headed out into the -20 snowy day and walked to the gym. When I got to the sidewalk I realized I forgot my bus tickets as I thought I might take the bus home. I headed out again and realized I forgot my watch and then I finally got on my way.

I decided last night to not do my traditional treadmill. Today I did 20min on the rower, 20 min on the bike and 20min on the elliptical (which is huge for me as I despise the elliptical) and then walked home for a total of 40min of walking. It went really well. The 20min was perfect as it kept me interested. I did 40min of yoga last night and I'll do that again today.

I do love walking but if I rely only on the treadmill for winter I'll get bored out of my skull as sometimes it feels like a hamster wheel.

Later on I met my fabulous friend C for coffee. I adore her and I'm so ridiculously proud of her. I met her when she just started University and was working for me at The Body Shop. Now she's pursuing her PhD and I'm so pleased she likes to stay in touch with me (as I could easily be ancient history in her world) as I always enjoy our visits.

Food wise was pretty good yesterday day until I got the munchies in the evening. My weakness as these Tamarind Almonds I bought at Costco. This morning I tossed them.

At the beginning of the week I updated all the food I added to e-tools so they had all the nutritional info to be translated into pointsplus.

All week I've been tracking on e-tools as I'm finding it easier as I'm having to look everything up as I get used to the new point system and this way I'm saving it in to my favourites at the same time. I'm using the activity tracker as well. I'll post my week in review and fess up to the battle I've had this week in getting on plan. I have been getting a lot of activity though.

A bit of a challenge for tomorrow as my friend's birthday is taking place at 8pm at a wine bistro. I have weigh in the next day so I might just stick to water/ soda water and focus on enjoying the company as opposed to jeopardizing weigh in with any munchies or alcohol. We're all messaging back and forth and I told them my focus is on getting to goal this year so that means changing my habits not there's.

It's looking like I'll be on my own this New Year's Eve which is completely o.k with me. I've lost the interest in going out and dealing with drunk people and no cabs. I far prefer just hanging with friends at home sort of thing. I think it might be a good night to write my time capsule post for my thoughts on the past and coming year.

I hope you enjoyed your Wednesday!


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