Saturday, December 04, 2010

Eeyore has left the building

I've been doing a lot of self reflection since I posted yesterday. I had a few light bulbs.
  • I've been on vacation (from the plan that is) for the past two weeks not just last week. Obviously the lesson has not completely gelled and I can easily slip into bad behaviours if I'm not careful. So the blessing part is realizing that now and not a few weeks or months from now.
  • The damage can be undone. I didn't become overweight overnight and I'm not going to hit goal overnight. I need to learn the lessons at my speed. I've proven to myself that I can be successful so there's no reason why I can't continue to be as long as I believe in myself.
  • The PointsPlus plan launches in Canada on Monday. Now I won't be weighing in till Saturday (or thinking about Friday as I'm now off that day). However I realized it should launch on e-tools so I could start following the new plan on Monday for a fresh start.
  • There are other indications when I'm feeling off. I look around my house and it's a mess. This is reflective of my lazy behaviour with the plan as well. So when I finish this post I'm going to clean and then prep for tonight's Christmas party.
It doesn't help me if I'm not honest with myself and own up to my behaviour.

So for today and tomorrow I will follow the old WW plan and just focus on meal by meal and workout by workout. I got some stickers to take to site to put on my calendar there to track activity. I'm bringing up the rest of my desk stuff this week which included my chain of coloured paperclips that represent one pound lost per paperclip. Positive reinforcement sort of thing.

I can do this and I will do this.


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Connie B said...

yes, you CAN do this!!! Good luck with the new plan! I love the new one in the US.