Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shaking off Christmas

Yesterday's food was better than the day before but hardly on plan - damn you chocolate. I did get in an hour walk though.

This morning my friend K messaged me that she was on her way to the gym and should she pick me up. I was already planning on going but at that exact moment I was still in my pajamas. I got dressed in record time and grabbed stuff. Earlier I had checked the gym's website and saw there was a yoga class at 10:45 so I took my mat with me. We get there and there's a sign at the desk saying no classes from Dec 27 -31. Funny the website didn't say that. Bah!

I walked on the treadmill varying my incline for 60min and then I walked home (17min) as K left to meet her friend for shopping. Yoga will happen at home then later this afternoon.

It's been a bit like trying to stop a runaway train with getting the eating on track. I've blown through all my weekly points and I'm in the hole but activity gets me out of the hole. By weigh in on Friday I will be sorted. The good thing is I've tracked everything so that's a bit of a victory. I'm kind of looking forward to Friday's meeting as it's not my normal leader but she's subbed before and she's funny.

Yesterday while reading my blog reader someone posted a great idea on their blog of writing a time capsule. She posted hers which was a letter to herself for a year from now. I forgot where I found it so if you read this blog or know which blog I'm talking about please post a comment and so I can give credit for the idea and can post a link to the person. I love this idea and I will do this too plus post it.

I might leave that for another day this week.

I hope you're having a great Tuesday.


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Eve said...

Sounds like you're doing great!! I read that blog post just an hour ago! It's from here -


I thought it was a great idea too!

All the best for your weigh in on Friday! I weigh in tomorrow and i'll be happy if I just stay the same!

Happy New Year when it comes! =)