Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Steep learning curve

Sorry for the silence. I've been working serious long days averaging around 13 hours and by the time I get back to my camp room I'm zonked and my only focus is bed.

Add in feeling under the weather since Monday and it's a recipe for just being tired. I didn't feel right on Monday and then the sore throat started yesterday. So far just minor other symptoms so I'm hoping to nip it in the bud.

Of course the one thing I didn't bring with me was cold meds. I'll bring those next week and have them on hand just in case.

So thanks to feeling icky workouts were non existent. Eating has been o.k. You eat some interesting combination of food at site. Yesterday's dinner was a chicken quesadilla (skinny) with cabbage/ carrot veggie side. I've never combined cabbage with mexican before.

I definitley haven't undone the damage I did over the past few weeks but I'm facing the scale on Saturday as I'm excited about the new plan.

I did attempt it on E-Tools but when Oatmeal came in as 4pts I took a bit of a step back. I need to go to the meeting as opposed to guessing my way into this plan. I'm happy that skim milk finally counts lower than the other milks.

For the past two days I've made a bit of a chef salad for lunch by grabbing lettuce or spinach, tomato, cucumber, egg and a bit of cheese and then chopping it all up.

I'm realizing I need to follow the plate rule at site. Half veggies, 1/4 protein, 1/4 grain/starch. Even when you ask for a little bit you tend to get a big spoonful. I need to learn that leaving food on the plate is not a bad thing and I don't need to treat myself as a garbage disposal. That completely goes against how I was raised. However in this situation I am not the person putting the food on the plate it's the person dishing it out.

Now the next few weeks get a little goofy with one more week at work and then two weeks off. I can't remember the last time I took two weeks in a row off - how sad is that. One week at Dad's and the one week home. I'll obviously be making weigh loss a New Year's goal once again but that's o.k. The week off at home will help me get really really organized.

Tomorrow is my old group's Christmas get together and I'm looking forward to that.

Till tomorrow...


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