Sunday, December 12, 2010

Trying to be little miss organized

I'm rushed for time and it just sort of hit me today. I head to work tomorrow will be back home on Thursday and then on Friday I'm on the bus to my dad's for a week.

I'm taking care of all the household chores today plus a whack of laundry as Dad will be coming back with me so I'm washing bed sheets.

Yesterday I took care of the Christmas shopping. I do online or gift cards. It's easy and everyone gets something they like.

I'm trying to sort out my weigh ins as the holidays aren't helping. I'll weigh in on Friday at 11:30am as I don't need to be at the bus station till 1pm. It will be a weigh in and run. The following Saturday is Christmas Day so no weigh in. I'll have to miss that week as there are no weigh in options at Dad's. Having a week off between the weigh ins might not be so bad as I'll be at home so I can hit the gym do mitigate any damage done at Dad's. Then I'll have to weigh at 11:30am on New Year's eve as my normal meeting falls on New Year's day. Then finally it will return to the regular Saturday. The thing that bugs me is the next few meetings will talk more about PointsPlus. I'll have to rely on you bloggers with recaps of your meetings to stay on top of things.

Diligently tracking today and boy is this bringing back memories of first joining WW. I have to look everything up before I eat it. It's a little time consuming but in the end hopefully worth it.

Stepped on the scale this morning and it was lower than yesterday so now I just keep that going. I'm so happy I have a scale in my camp room so I can stay consistent.

Hope your Sunday was great.


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