Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day one on PointsPlus

I took Carol's advice and arrived at my meeting early. I'm usually early but paid extra attention today.  I paid the registration fee as opposed to surrendering 3 coupons after first making sure the coupons didn't expire. I immediatley got the calculator, dining out companion, complete food companion and 3 month tracker as well. WW made some money off of me today. I figured it would be busy so why wait.

Oh boy was it busy. There were more people there than usual and the lining up to get the new book and then lining up to weigh in did take a bit longer. I was up as expected by 6.6lbs. So that's just over 2lbs per week, too bad it didn't go in the other direction. I don't feel bad as I explained yesterday I was expecting this.

I got the weigh in person I like the least. Today she was super frazzled and immediately appeared stressed. What drives me a little nuts about her is that she sucks at math and always makes a mistake yet right next to her is a calculator. I also don't like how she judges. She is always condenscending when you have a gain. I could be .2 or my 6.6 makes no difference and that drives me bananas. The whole point of WW is to find support and encouragement.

I sat down and the woman across from me was frazzled. She explained she doesn't like change. The woman behind her was excited about now getting 29 pts as opposed to 18pts. Many didn't quite understand that you get more points because point values have changed. When our leader said fruit counted as zero the woman next to me said "that's trouble". My immediate thought was "Really? Did you gain your weight on fruit? Have you binged on fruit?" My guess would be no. Of course everyone deals with change differently. I've already told you all that I'm excited.

I enjoy the new 3 month tracker as it as a bit more room to write. Apparently there will be an Iphone App but not until January or February. I did find a new app today from Calgary Transit that allows you to look up your stop number and find out when the next bus is coming. Yeah CT - you've entered the current century.

I'm game on now as I embrace this new program and I've tracked my whole day. I walked loads today and earned 6AP. I guess the 100 calories burned doesn't equal 1AP anymore so I'll be using the E-Tool tracker to tabulate that for now.

Saw Burlesque tonight with my friend K. I loved it and already downloaded the soundtrack off of Itunes. Good workout music me thinks. She and I might hit the gym tomorrow. I noticed I didn't cough or sneeze while walking today so that's a good sign.

Alright my friends I hope you all had a fabulous Saturday.


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