Friday, February 19, 2010

I am Canadian

I was watching the Canadian broadcaster for the Olympic games and caught a story on how everywhere you go in Vancouver there's a maple leaf on someone.

Today at work it was casual Friday and every 3rd person was wearing something that said Canada. There was a quote from American speed skater Shauni Davis saying he didn't know we were that patriotic.

I love it!!! I have always been proud to be Canadian. We have a reputation of being nice and we're a country made of cousins - when I've travelled outside Canada I've had so many people tell me they have a cousin in Canada. We're the 2nd largest country in the world - land wise and still have stretches of land were you won't see a soul. We embrace new technology but are proud of our roots.

I own 4 hoodies that say Canada on them in different stages of wear (one is designated to mowing the lawn or painting as it's old and tired). My newest I wear everday as an extra layer in the chilly air.

Today my office was cold so I had it on for most of the day and all I got were smiles.

I love this country - Go Canada Go

Got an invite to a coffee with one of the directors to discuss my career goals. I'm trying to figure it out if there just being nice to me. You see my work disappointment involved them and I do a great deal of work for them but don't report to them. In all honesty they handled the whole thing not so great. I think they don't want me to be stop being fantastic so we'll see what happens. Have a scheduling conflict with the time suggested so we'll see if they reschedule.

Have no idea what weigh in will bring tomorrow as I've had a hard time resisting ice cream this week (mistakenly purchased Ben&Jerry's on sale) - could it be all of the winter olympics watching?

Makes no differance I'm gung ho for next week and have been working on my visualization. I'm picturing wearing the Tiffany's key when I hit goal. That's my personal gold medal.

Hope you all had a fabulous day - hugs!!!

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