Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Coming to peace

First of all a whoo hoo to Canada's 2nd gold medal, way to go Maëlle Ricker. I'm super happy to see a girl get the gold as well, no offense Alex Bilodeau - I don't think a nicer guy could have won Canada's first gold on home soil. Go Canada Go!

Last night after I posted about my finishing the End of Overeating I started to have a debate
with myself about the mini Reese's Cups sitting in my fridge (I only like them cold) and they were my Valentine's present to myself. They're 5 for 5pts and I had one. Then I wanted to have a couple more so I sat down and thought about it and then decided I would and I'd use flexpoints for them. I didn't feel bad and I didn't feel disappointed in myself all I did was accept that it was my decision.

I want to be a peace with food and I think I took the first step last night. By making a conscious decision it felt differently. I also made a conscious decision to focus on being on plan.

On the way home today I swung by Shopper's Drug Mart in search of popchips. They were on sale so I grabbed a few flavours bbq, salt and pepper, and salt & vinegar. I openend the bbq when I got home and tried a few. I'm impressed the bbq ones have a ton of flavour and they kind of sorta remind me of Cracklins but they're definiely sliced potatoes and they're crispy. Not super kettle chip crispy but satisfying. I think they're a keeper as a snack. These are the bigger bags so the other flavours will have to wait and due to the abundance of flavour I'm quite content by eating only a few at a time and not the 27 chip serving.

Completely off topic - I'm on the hunt for the Canada hoody in red, black and white. I see it everywhere on Olympic coverage and I want it. Wandered into the Bay downtown today and they only had kid sizes. I will not give up.

Alright my friends I should go make dinner.


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