Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Back on the plan

Hello my friends,
Got my hair cut at the Aveda training academy today and I love it, left with a funky product that helps add volume called Pure Abundance hair potion. It comes out of the bottle as a powder but when you touch it turns liquid, combine this with the mousse Phomollient and shazaam. I also picked up a travel size Phomollient that I can refill and I'm trying out their Air control hair spray.

Work was alright today, system issues caused everything to take forrrevvverrrr. Nothing quite like waiting 5 minutes for a page to load.

I needed to hit a grocery store after work as I had no fruit or veggies, it was a sad case.

Meant to do some Wii Fit but my controller is dead and I had zip for fresh batteries so it's charging. I think my Wii board needs new batteries so I'll pick those up on the way home tomorrow.

Other than that not a whole lot to tell you today.

Until tomorrow...hugs!!!

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