Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Busy day

Hello my friends,

Woke up to snow - yeah! - not. It was wet snow which makes everything slippery and is deceptivley heavy to shovel but I was out there at 5:45am shovelling my sidewalk.

When the bus showed up it sort of slid into the sidewalk. I was glad I didn't move until the bus came to a complete stop.

Got to work and it was go, go, go all day and into the night as I needed to get things done. I've just felt like I'm getting wee bit more behind as each day passes so I had to break the tide.

Food was super low all day by accident. Oatbran is my go to breakfast lately at 1pt per serving. I add one tblsp of Brown Sugar and one tblsp of half & half to make it extra yummy and 3pts total. That keeps full for awhile.

I've been on a veggie sushi kick for the last two days so had that for lunch. I picked up a 6in ham sub at Subway with cheese and mustard as dinner to eat at my desk. So when I got home I treated myself a little Ben & Jerry's as I had 7 pts remaining for the day. Mind you dipping a little low wouldn't be a terrible idea as I've been less than perfect but 7 is a lot.

Tomorrow I'm just going to focus on getting organized as I've got a lot of little things that have been ganging up on me. Perhaps I've been a little off kilter due to chaos. Normally I find a little chaos good to keep you on your toes but I feel the need to be in control this week.

Hope you had a groovy day!


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Tricia said...

great job!