Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's a jungle out there

The End of Overeating arrived yesterday from and I've had my nose in it ever since. I'm about half way through and it's quite interesting. So far a lot about the brains response to food and how the food industry is doing everything they can to make us want what they're offering. That's putting it almost too simply as the author has done some pretty impressive research. Also on how much food has changed over the years and the science that goes into making fake things taste real.

How things are modified to be more palatable and even easier to swallow or require less chewing. Making us feel good and work less at eating it.

It all comes down to sugar, fat and salt and how sneakily it's put into the food we eat to make us a want it so our pleasure seeking brains will seek it out. Interesting information on how our brains react and why it's hard to stop from eating half the bag of oreos for example.

I haven't hit the part on how to deal with that all yet but it's definitely encouraging me to be super wary of any processed food and restaurant meals.

I've always been rather suspect of things like non fat sour cream and the 100 calorie this and that - don't even get me started on the WW snack cakes. You read the ingredient list and it's all chemicals. In the book he talks about some of the science behind the creation of food items to deliver the ultimate amount of sugar, fat and salt that makes our brains so very happy.

I'm sort of glad I didn't go grocery shopping today as I feel a wee more savvy about food than yesterday. We all know the dangers of processed food but the extent is worse than I thought.

I went for a 6km walk today, netting roughly 400 calories burned. It was treacherous and there was much slipping and slidding thanks to frost falling off trees on top of ice therefore making it difficult to see. There were about 4 times where all muscles engaged to stop me from falling - does that count as strength training?

Right now I'm trying Prime Stuffed Chicken breast for supper - yes processed but until I finish the book I'm not going cold turkey either. There are some things I can justify and convenience is definitely a draw.

I'm going to keep reading and will probably have more to say, so far I'd recommend it.

I was thinking about doing some yoga tonight as well but right now I'm making dinner and I can't do yoga on a full stomach so we'll see if that happens today. It will definitely happen tomorrow.

So far day 2 of being totally on plan. I want to get into the 170s in the next 6 weeks.

Alright that's all I got.


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