Wednesday, February 24, 2010

With trepidation

I watched the Canada/Russia hockey game tonight...we won!!!!! I get way too emotionally involved with these games so I have to sort of watch something else and the flip back every so often. Sometimes the every so often turns into every 20 seconds like when I watched the Canada/US game.

Now it looks like we'll medal in women's bobsled Gold and Silver...whoo hoo. Go Canada Go!

It was funny when I got off the plane yesterday there was a tv where we pick up our bags and the Canada/Germany game was on. Everyone forgot about their bags and gravitated to the tv. The only conversation you heard was people relaying the score to new people approaching the group.

Today I left for work earlier than normal as I had a whack to do and I forgot my access badge...duh. Luckily fabulous co-worker is also in early and rescued me from the lobby. Sort of defeats the purpose of being early when you can't get to your desk. When I got home today I was exhausted. Days on site are long and then followed by another long today, I feel like I'm running on fumes. No walking for me tonight.

It will early to bed for me tonight as I think I'll head in early tomorrow as well. I still have a whack to do. I was hoping to take Friday off but not sure if that can happen. It seems like everytime I think I'm sorted another pile of stuff lands on me.

I did find Virtue/Moir's original dance on CTV. I do have a pvr and checked shaw on demand. I'm not sure I want to watch all 2.5 hrs on a work night. I tried to fast forward through it and it was taking forever. I'll find the other two performances. Thanks so much to Carol and Charm73 for the suggestions.

I took out my garbag and recycling this morning and my recycling bin was practically full with boxes that I didn't put in there. I'm happy whoever is doing this believes in recycling but a wee bit annoying since they most likely have their own bin.

Saw 186.5 on the scale this morning with two more days until weigh in. I can do it, I can do it, I can do it.

That's all I got for tonight.



Kristina said...

I had to take a deep breath after reading this post! lol......girl you are busy! Ive been doing the same thing with the olympics (back and forth). Try to slow down and enjoy your day! good luck with the weigh in

Enz said...

You WILL do it.
You WILL do it.