Saturday, February 27, 2010

5% off

As in 5% off of my body, it was 186.2 at weigh in so down exactly 10lbs since I restarted WW in January and down 18lbs from my original start weight when I joined WW for the very first time. Kind of fitting that Canada had a golden day with 3 golds and a bronze added to the medal tally

When I weighed myself at home I saw 185.4 so have to admit a wee disapointed that it didn't line up with WW's scale at weigh in. It took me a while to get to 10lbs but I think I'm gaining momentum now.

I didn't get my 5% sticker today as I didn't have time to wait for the leader so I'll save it for next week. Plus this is added motivation to ensure I keep going in the right direction.

I have 5 weigh ins until my annual skin check with my dermatologist and I think I can get back into the 170s by then perhaps 179ish. That's my new goal at any rate. Nothing like standing stark naked in an exam room to get you motivated. I had originally planned to also have my annual physical then but that didn't happen due to having to schedule those almost a year in advance (I'm not kidding).

While I'm still aiming for the x-weighted goal to hit goal weight in July. I have another very superficial goal as well. I'm heading to Las Vegas in August to celebrate my very good friend's birthday. I want to be a hottie by then, so I've dubbed it "operation hottie". This not only includes hitting goal but also learning to walk in 4" heels (just for the nice dinner's out not wearing all the time). Don't get me wrong I think I'm sort of cute but I've never had the confidence to pull off hottie. By hottie I mean fit, confident and fierce. I just think Vegas would be appropriate to unveil my fierce new self.

The shoes pictured above are on their way to my house. I saw these Kenneth Cole 925 technology shoes on Rachel Ray and heard they're super comfortable. I can't find them anywhere in Calgary so I ordered them online and they were on sale. I also picture myself in super cute Vegas dress. Fierceness - here I come.

There is generally a foodapalooza when Dad is in town but today I kept myself in check and while I did use flexpoints I'm cool with that and planned for it. I need to tackle one day at a time and one week at a time.

Tomorrow I have a mega walk planned for around the hood to test out my super expanded route.

Alright I'm wiped and off to bed.



H-woman said...

Whoo hoo! Congratulations!

There was a 3.4 pound difference between my scale and WW this morning. I like my scale better. =)

H =)

Kristina said...

Congrats on the loss!!! Id take the lesser scale any day! lol. Your doing a great job, staying focused. love the shoes and will def have to adopt the phrase "fit, confident and fierce" LOVE THAT!!! You go girl!!

Enz said...

Those are hot shoes!! But YOU are going to be hotter :)

Bunny said...

OMG!!!!!! I love the shoes!!! I want a pait too! Where? Where? WHERE?? Remember - if it is wrong to love accesories I am so, so wrong.

Way to go on the weight loss! I have no doubt in yor ability to be successful.