Monday, February 15, 2010

Interesting but the message is familiar

I finished The End of Overeating and overall found the book to be very interesting. The cure to combat urges and cravings is really not all that different from other books or to what WeightWatchers teaches you about dealing with difficult situations, however I feel the book gives you more information to truly understand your response and motivation towards food. Heck I know the WW mantra and that still doesn't necessarily stop me so I need to learn the lesson in whatever way I can.

This is also probably a good book to start with before reading The Beck Diet Solution as it gives you more background and Beck gives you a systematic manner to find a solution.

What I really enjoyed about this book was the science behind what was going on in terms of why you crave and how there are factors working against us. The author is adamant in saying don't call it a diet as it implies short term. I totally believe that, I don't want to be on a diet my entire life I want to learn a new lifestyle. The book also says that you can stop yourself from going off plan but you have to act quickly and by the time you get to "Should I or shouldn't I" it's probably too late.

The major thing I got from this book is the power is within me and it's not about will power. If you rely on will power alone it will be a long struggle. According the book the keys are:
Figure out your triggers - of course emotions are huge and the reaching for food as the answer is probably deeply rooted in your behaviour and even your family so this can take work.
Refuse what you can't control - for me that's ignoring all the snacks in the office
Have an alternative plan - for example if walking past the bakery makes you want to eat, don't walk past the bakery. You know you get the munchies at 3pm - be prepared.
Limit your exposure i.e. social occasion, not sure how do that other than walk out or don't go.
Remember the stakes - this is big for me, I need to remember the goal before I reach for the cookie.
Direct your attention elsewhere - I've done this, I just don't do it consistently like the time I painted my nails to stop myself from snacking. I do find that if I'm reading I'm far less likely to snack then if I'm watching tv. One thing I'll try this week is to pick up a book if my mind starts to head towards snacking when I'm at home
Learn active resistance - this one is interesting and more geared to reacting to the food ads and gimmicks to get your attention. View them as hostile instead of warm and welcoming. That is how I feel about that commercial for triple decker burger - that's just gross.

Another really interesting thing he talks about is "Thought stopping". A term created while one of the sources was working with drug addicts. You can stop the thought a.k.a change the channel if you do it quickly. It's a definitive decision to not respond to the pull of whatever your reward is i.e. cookies. Once gain to be successful it has to happen fast.

What I take from this book is to stop and think before I reach for food and ask myself am I hungry. I would highly recommend it.

Today I walked to the grocery store and back (4.6km) and have made some good protein choices for the week. I made turkey burgers and picked up a pack of sirloin that was cut for shish kabob, I grilled the beef instead as a smaller portion option and easier to portion control.

Yoga on tap for a little later and the gym bag will be packed for a visit after work tomorrow. It is a bit weird not being at site this week as I have to plan all my food for the whole week.

Check out Jamie's blog for a savoury giveaway, I'm intrigued by these Popchips.

Hope you enjoyed your Family Day or President's Day.

Talk to you tomorrow, hugs!!!!


Enz said...

I definitely want to read this book now. It's been at the back of my mind for a few weeks but every time I go to Chapters to pick it up, it's sold out - everyone must be on the same wavelength or reading your blog :)

It sounds like you've set yourself up for another successful week..way to go.

Jaime said...

Thanks for the shout out. good luck!

carla said...

I adored this book too and while sometimes my answer is still NAH IM NOT HUNGRY---BUT I WANT XYZ ANYWAY I feel more like...and informed consumer if that makes sense?

even if I am still sometimes eating NOT from hunger its a choice.