Monday, November 10, 2008

Waiting for the phone to ring = nerve racking

Every time the phone rings I jump up hoping to see a number starting with 780, alas not yet. I am confident that I'll hear one way or another from the company today.

Had a fantastic dinner last night with some former co-workers from my old work. It was so nice to see them, many had left before I did so it was great to catch up. We went to the Olive Garden and all ate too much so today I'm being very careful.

I'm playing low key today and kind of creating a long weekend as tomorrow is Remembrance Day.

Since I've had a fair bit of time on my hands lately, I updated my I-Touch (did have an issue but fixed it first try) and downloaded Safari browser. I'm impressed it is faster than IE 7.

I've read all 3 books I took out from the Library and highly recommend "I was told there would be cake" by Sloane Crossley. If you want to laugh out loud, read this book. Each chapter is an individual essay writing about life and it's perceptions. She has a really witty, slightly sarcastic sense of humour. I'm not kidding I was laughing out loud while reading it and drew curious glances from people walking by.

I got a pin code from the Government of Canada for my EI application, I'm so hoping I can cancel it today and don't have to fill out reports at what I'm doing to find employment. They won't give me anything until all the severance and vacation pay run out anyway. Luckily I'm still getting calls from companies who find my resume online so at least that's something.

Alright I will keep you all posted and thanks for all the positive wishes, much appreciated.


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