Thursday, November 06, 2008

Interesting developments...

So remember that company I interviewed with in the Summer? Two interviews and they offered me a position in Fort Mac - which I had to decline.

Well they called me yesterday to say they have a position in Calgary that supports the team in Fort Mac. They're flying me out there tomorrow with an interview with the hiring manager who is based in Fort Mac. Craziness. They offered to rent me a car but I haven't driven in two years (and not very often even then) and don't want to kill anyone so they're arranging a cab. They were worried about me hanging out in the airport for 4hrs waiting for the return flight. I said no worries I'll bring a book (and my nintendo ds). The interview is at 8:45am, so I'm guessing it's going to be a very early morning tomorrow. I should be back in Calgary by 2pm.

The interview I had booked for tomorrow cancelled so the timing could not be better.

The interview went well today, I think they liked me. I liked them. They did say there'd be a 2nd round of interviews and they'd let me know.

With the one tomorrow I'm not sure how this will work. They've already interviewed me twice and checked my references so is this the final interview??

Either opportunity would be freaking amazing.

I've dropped 3lbs while being at home, it's the no snacking thing.

Fast post because I'm exhausted. Have class tonight so I should review what we're doing.

I'll bring my itouch maybe there's free wireless at the Fort Mac airport.


Fatinah said...

wow - good luck!

cmac said...

That is fantastic news... things happen for a reason.

Good Luck!