Monday, November 03, 2008

Feeling positive

Before 10:30am I had 3 phone calls all job related.

One from an agency I registerd with back in 2003, calling me about a recruitment position with one of their clients that I had already submitted my resume for. They asked me to send my updated resume so they could update my file and let me know of other opportunities. She felt that I'd find something soon, I hope she's right.

Next call was from Toronto looking for a business development person/recruiter for them in Calgary. I was quite honest and told him I was a terrible outside sales person and have a really hard time with cold calling. We then chatted for a few minutes about what the job market is like in Toronto and that he too was not fond of cold calling.

Next a call from the company that phone interviewed me a last week, they want to see me for a face to face interview.

I called back and left a message for the recuiter who found my resume online about the HR Advisor position.

This afternoon I'll head down to EI and start a file just in case.

I have the date of Nov. 30 firmly in mind of being gainfully employed again.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone for thier positive wishes. Keep them coming :)


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