Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Not bad for a few days work

On the job front I know have 3 interviews this week. One with a search firm that found my resume online for tomorrow, one with a job I applied for on Sunday and they called me Monday to book an interview for Thursday, and the phone interview people from a few weeks back on Friday. So 3 interviews in 3 days and I got an email from a company in Toronto looking for a recruiter in Calgary, they don't appear to be an agency but I'll find out more tomorrow.

I went to EI today only to be told it's best to apply online. So I came home and did that. The process asked me nothing about severance and when I checked off that I was dismissed - it got interesting. It then asked a series of yes and no questions like "Did you talk to your employer about keeping your job". I clicked no, and then it asked why. So I said because I agree with them, I would make a lousy outside sales person. So we'll have to see what they say. I'd get nothing for the next 10 weeks anyway and the mission is to be employed by then.

Yoga was fantastic tonight, I loved the flow of poses and really enjoyed it. So far my plan to focus on yoga, meditation and general boosting of the self esteem has not been easy to schedule thanks to all the phone calls.

My lovely lands end jacket has evil pockets. As I told you before I lost my bus pass, today my cell phone fell out. Luckily someone gave it to the driver so when I called it to see where it was he answered. We coordinated to meet at a bus stop and I have it back safe and sound. From here on out when I wear that jacket the only thing going in the pockets is kleenex.

I was starting to feel a wee bit insecure about how everything seems to be going well and when I left the house it was snowing. A kind of magical sparkling snow and immediately a smile came to my face. Take each day, hour, minute and second as it comes. I've seen it a thousand times with candidates I've interviewed that launch into their perfect job right way, so why not me?

Plus I'm having lunch with some former co-workers on Thursday and dinner with people who left the company awhile back on Sunday. All of whom believe in me and for that I am eternally grateful.

Dead curious to see who won the American election tonight, so I'm off to turn on CNN. It looks like if Canadians could decide it would be Obama (by a huge margin).

Weight wise is doing well, mainly because I've been eating weird. I need to get some fruits and veggies into me. The past few days have been toast, grilled cheese and cereal.


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The Glitterati said...

Wow, I miss reading for a few days and all this activity! I'm sorry to hear about the work sitch, but as you know, you are absolutely stellar, and which ever lucky company that's going to get you next is going to be blessed and blown away by your hard work ethic and German Order.

From both the blog and our conversations, it really didn't seem like the place was a good fit for you anyway... so many stories about the nutso coworkers! Your positivity is uplifting, and you should be in a place that recognizes and fosters that, not one that is negative and resistant.

So a big congratulations on starting this new and exciting chapter! If there's anything at all I can do, you know where to reach me. :) And... YES YOU CAN!!!