Saturday, November 08, 2008

My Amazing Race day

I had one crazy day yesterday and now my brain won't stop turning.

Here is what went down...

2:45am - Got up - had 2 Activias and a cup of coffee because eating that early didn't appeal to me. Silent thanks to whoever invented the programmable, thermal auto shut off coffee maker.

3:17am- Ready, dressed and makeup on

3:45am - Cab showed up, I had booked for 4am and they were early. Had to be at Aerocentre by 5am.

4:20am- Got to Aerocenter, way faster than I thought I would, it didn't open until 5am so thankfully it wasn't too cold so I read my book on a bench outside.

5:00am - Building opens....nice place...all cushy chairs and very exec looking

5:38am- Start boarding their company jet. For a brief moment I thought I was Angelina Jolie.

6:00am- The original scheduled departure time but we were already in the air, there were only about 7 people on the plane. They gave you banana bread or a danish - I chose banana bread, at a third of it. I was offered a whole can of orange juice..that never happens on commercial.

7:00am- Arrive in Fort McMurray

7:10am - After a quick drip to the washrooms, I now wait for the shuttle that will take me to their office

7:40am - Still no shuttle and it's supposed to be at the airport at 7:30 to get their office by 8:15

So I left a message for the interviewer saying I'm grabbing a cab. There was bumper to bumper traffic heading towards the airport so I'm guessing shuttle was stuck. I have no idea when I got to their office and I just hopped out and went in to the building. Brand new builing, but no water that day so good thing I used the washroom in the airport.

I was interviewed by the team leader and one of their recruiters. I thought it went great. They loved my sense of humour, there was never an awkward moment. Much smiling and nodding on their part. Then the recruiter left to go do a phone screen and the team leader started telling me about their package: Pension - Yay!, Bonuses based on company and individual performance - Yay!, Flex days - Yay!. Then I was told that they just needed to talk to Calgary and I should know either that day or Monday.
Sorry everybody, I failed to mention anything about the actual job when I first posted this. The job is awesome, it would be the corporate recruiting position that I wanted so badly, it would be part of the Fort Mac team but be based in Calgary, supporting mulitple teams. I am told it would be busy, which I am unbelievably excited about. For the past 1.5 years I've felt like I've been spinning my wheels. This position would give me a turbo boost. Plus the company is fantastic (during the first round I had taken one of my business cards, crossed out the previous company and wrote the name of this company and then taped it to my wall), the team leader is fantastic and if the team is like the recruiter I met. I'm going to love them and I really think they'll like me.
Essentially the same responsibilities as the one I interviewed for over the summer. I adore this team lead, super nice and they spoke a lot about team work and supporting each other. The company has a stellar reputation and means it when they say they believe in their people.

Then the team lead drove to a coffee shop (felt responsible for me and felt bad if I just hung out in the nice is that), bought my hot chocolate (offered to buy me lunch but I wasn't hungry) and I hung out there until I had to leave for the airport.

1145am- Now at the air port, flight home leaves at 1:40 on Air Canada.

1:05pm - Went to the gate and there were a lot of people, full flight for sure. I was in the very last row next to a guy who sounded like he had the flu. He was great about it, coughed into his jacket. For the first little while it sounded like the plane was being proppeled by lawn mowers. That calmed down once we got higher. Landed in Calgary 58min later.

It's a beautiful thing travelling with no luggage.

Hopped into a cab home and got a call from my Calgary recruiter. He asked me how everything was and I told him fantastic and that I was told that they would checking in with Calgary and I'll either know today or Monday.

He then says.........they've checked in with Calgary and there's just some stuff he has to do on his end and I should be hearing from the Team Lead either today (Friday) or Monday. All I could think to say was...O.K as my mind raced...what does that mean....

Stuff he has to do....offer letter or letter stating don't ever think you will ever work for this company.

It's funny as a recruiter I have many times consoled, calmed down, encouraged applicants as they tried to figure out the signals they've been given but now shoe is on the other foot. So after I hung up with him I called a recruiter I used to work with and said "What does this mean....". She said looks good, which is what I was thinking but I don't want to get my hopes up. I was so disappointed last time when it didn't work out.

They obviously liked me to make all this happen so fast. Plus to contact me about the job. I've now met both team leads and their boss. Well I didn't hear anything yesterday but I would have been suprised if they had all their ducks sorted that fast. So now it will be thought filled weekend and a nervous Monday.

If I did get the job I probably wouldn't start until the beginning of December, which is cool with me.

Now home and starving as I've barely eaten anything all day, I ordered pizza and was in bed by 7pm, woke up at 11pm, watched a little Lipstick Jungle and went back to bed. Woke up at 7:15am.

Went to WI, up 0.2 - definitely a reflection of my crazy day.

I think I need to fill my weekend with distractions, yoga and naps. Maybe I should go see a movie.

I'll keep you posted and thanks so much for all your positive wishes, it means a great deal to me.



Nicole said...

That sounds incredibly promising. Did you like the job?

The Glitterati said...

OMG! Corporate jet! Flying you in and out for an interview! How glam!!!

All my fingers and toes crossed for you! :D