Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thank You

Thank you to all of you who stopped by and for your comments.
I'm quite excited about my new job adventure and will happily keep you all in the loop.

Today I took advantage of Cleo's 20% off of everything to update my wardrobe. I was in there like a tasmanian devil. I think at one point 4 people were putting things into the dressing room.
I started at Chinook Centre where I stopped in at Sephora. Tried some stuff on at The Bay but nothing clicked and the Cleo's in Chinook was a bit too casual. So I hopped downtown and hit the jackpot. I think I know have some options for a more corporate look for meetings and a business casual but still dressed well look for every other day. Got an email from Aldo's about their sale and free shipping. I hate buying shoes, it's the waiting for them to bring you sizes that I don't like. I always feel bad if they have to go back and get something else.

I also picked up the book Twilight today as I now need to know what all the fuss is about. I've got it half read already. 

I got my new employee package in the mail today along with the staffing agency designation that I had written the test for before I left. They sent a diploma and a pin. I got 77% and needed 70% to pass. So hoping this is a predictor for the NKE results that should be arriving shortly. I'll look at the new employee package on the weekend as there is a lot to go through.

Tomorrow I'm seeking accessories at the local mall. Since accessories are usually seasonal, I go cheap for those. 


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